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Information about Toshiba:

the history of the company Toshiba full of discoveries and bold solutions. She began a little more than a hundred years ago. when under pressure from the industrial era was destroyed by a well-established reputation of Japan as a state, living alone ancient traditions.

Ichisuke Fujioka was Japanese «Father of electronics». He for the first time in Japan began production of incandescent bulbs, and was a pioneer of the Japanese electronics industry.

the Electricity was just beginning to conquer the world, and in 1899 the first manufacturer of lighting equipment in Japan called Tokyo Electric Company. Approximately at the same time, one of Japan’s largest manufacturers of heavy electrical equipment was named Shibauro Electric Company. In 1939, there was the merging of these two companies, and then Tokyo Shibauro Electric Company became a name known to every family in the world, although the brand Toshiba and was not the official name of the company until 1978.

air Conditioners Toshiba.

  • the history of the development of air conditioners Toshiba began in 1930, when the company developed Japan’s first hermetic compressor for refrigeration equipment.
  • 1961 — we released the first in the world household split-system for air-conditioning.
  • 1968 — Toshiba produces Japan’s first rotary compressor and begins to build an international network in Europe, North America and the middle East.
  • 1978 — we made the first air-driven microprocessor .
  • 1980 — Toshiba created the first in the world inverter air conditioner. Revolutionary inverter technology compressor control has significantly improved specifications and to increase the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems. After Toshiba entire Japanese market turned to the development and sale of air conditioners based on inverter technology.
  • 1988 — we released the first in the world double compressor .
  • 1993 — Toshiba launched a new series of digital inverter air conditioners with dual compressor — quiet, fuel-efficient

Toshiba today

Toshiba Air Conditioning has more than 1,200 patents in Japan and other countries around the world — an outstanding record for any company. Leadership in the production of air conditioners begins with scientific developments, advanced technologies and key components. The leading position of the Toshiba is supported jointly upravleniyami work stages — from design and development to quality control, production, delivery, installation and training of our customers.

We take full responsibility for the products we offer to our customers. Toshiba creates new standards of comfort for the modern man, cares about the health and prosperity of society.

research and technical достиженияToshiba

Research and experimental work in the field of modern technologies held in conjunction with the research center Toshiba. the reports are sent to engineers and other departments of the company. Toshiba cooperates with leading universities, which allows you to develop fundamental and new technologies, and together with world leaders to create increasingly sophisticated, cost-effective and productive components of the climate systems.

air Conditioning Toshiba has already won international recognition. To ensure maximum reliability and high quality air conditioners. Toshiba uses a system of industrial testing of all HVAC equipment. All plants Toshiba for the production of air conditioning systems has received ISO 9001 management and quality assurance.

Toshiba has earned an international reputation for the creation of energy-efficient products and environmentally friendly means of production. Environmental management system certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO14001.

Toshiba — the first manufacturer in Japan, with the release of all of their products uses the refrigerant R410A. Products Toshiba has earned international recognition and 14 awards in the field of environmental protection, including the prize of the Ministry of international trade and industry of Japan.

Production of air conditioners Toshiba — plant Fuji

Plant Fuji works since 1943 and became the birthplace of many great products, including the world’s first split-system air-conditioning and the world’s first inverter split system. Currently the plant produces household and industrial air conditioners, as well as the main components of air conditioners that use modern technology Toshiba — compulsory and inverters.

Here day in and day are made compressors of any size and configuration, are produced by the inner and outer blocks multi-zone systems Super MMS. split-system Daiseikai other room air conditioners. Also at the factory Fuji manufactures air conditioners for industry and transport, including Japanese multiples «Bullet train» and other trains.

Here begins the path of our products to all corners of the world.

Alliance Toshiba and Carrier

Join the latest technology Toshiba with an extensive network of offices Carrier has a beneficial effect and makes it ’Toshiba carrier- one of the most significant players in the global market of climatic equipment. Thus,»a beautiful duet» joint efforts creates a «superior air.

Our company is the official dealer of HVAC equipment Toshiba. Through our website You can buy air conditioners Toshiba, and other HVAC equipment from that manufacturer. Contact by phone (495) 638-55-02 or (495) 638-55-03

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