USB Pinout


USB Pinout

USB or Universal Serial Bus standard was designed in the mid 1990 to replace old standards like serial or parallel ports. In our days the USB connector can be found in keyboards, printers, digital cameras, flash drives, external hard drives and almost all peripheral digital equipment.

Until now three USB standards were released:

«Times New Roman»»> — USB 1 released in 1996 with speeds of 1.5 Mbps for Low-Bandwidth and 12 Mbps for High-Bandwidth;

«Times New Roman»»> — USB 2.0 release in 2000 is the most used usb port at the moment at supports a maximum speed of 480 Mbps;

«Times New Roman»»> — USB 3.0 released in 2008 in the latest standard who can support speed up to 5Gbps.

There are 7 USB connector types: type A, type B, Mini-A, Mini-B, Micro-A,Micro-B and Micro-AB. Type A and B has 4 pins, and Mini Micro A and B has 5 pin usb pinout .

Pinout description for main usb connectors:

Type A

Male Female

Type B

Male Female

USB Pinout and color code

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